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Establish your outsourcing outcome

Episode 4 of The Outsourcing 101 Course Podcast


In this episode James Mackay shares how you can figure out exactly how you can establish you outsourcing outcome – the one, overriding principle that is the reason you’re outsourcing. Once you nail your outcome, everything falls into place.

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You’ve got to define your goals. Are you wanting to save money or have a solution? Do you want something done quickly or do you want the most comprehensive solution? Your answer to this will determine what objective you want and accordingly it will change the way you approach outsourcing.

Before you even log onto an outsourcing platform you should have a good, hard think about what you’re trying to get out of the whole process.

If your outsourcing is to simply hire the cheapest possible freelancer to achieve a task, then so be it. But the old adage is true – you get what you pay for. It’s true that some platforms allow you to hire people for as little as one dollar per hour. But do you really want to do that?

I have hired more than one hundred different freelancers for all sorts of different tasks. For the purposes of this course I even hired someone for less than a dollar an hour. Was it worth it? No. Their English was terrible. They couldn’t understand my instructions and the delivered product – a list of companies in an industry – was terrible. All in all it was a waste of time.

These days I have decided that getting the cheapest possible result isn’t the most important thing for me; I care more about getting the best possible solution than I do about employing the cheapest labour possible. You might be in a different circumstance and need very simple tasks done at the cheapest possible price. So be it.

The other consideration is speed versus quality. Let’s use the example of getting a new company logo done. At this stage you only need general ideas, not a finished product. You can post a fixed price job and hire, say, 6 different designers who will each submit a logo idea. In this instance speed would outweigh quality. Of course, in other cases quality is paramount. But like anything else, it’s balance. It’s very rare to get any top quality work done quickly, so be reasonable and plan accordingly.

So have a think about what you want your outcome to be. Keep it in mind as we progress through the Free Outsourcing 101 Course and it will make things even easier.

And there you have it. Next time I’m going to share my tips for setting outsourcing guidelines. This is a great way to plan and to keep things efficient.

(could supply a matrix with two axis – quick v comprehensive and savings v solution)